Discover the ‘True Impact’ of manufacturing on the UK economy

The MTA launched its latest ‘True Impact of Manufacturing Report’ at MACH 2024, the UK’s national event for inspiring, innovating and connecting manufacturing, held at the NEC Birmingham.

The report reveals the significant positive impact that manufacturing is having on the UK economy, which is far greater than first thought.

This report, an update to the one published by the MTA in 2018, assesses the economic impacts on manufacturing from extraordinary factors such as the pandemic, Brexit, unprecedented increases in energy costs and global supply chain fragility and international conflicts.

Key findings of MTA report:

  • Manufacturing accounts for £518 billion of UK GDP and supports 7.3 million jobs
  • ‘Making things’ accounts for 34.5% of all UK goods and services exports
  • Median wage in manufacturing is 11% above the national average

The report provide an extremely comprehensive overview of what we make, the complex nature of our supply chains and the economic benefit gained from the spending of wages by those employed in our sector.

Download the report now and expand your knowledge on the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of manufacturing.

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