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Meet the Mittlestand

The mainstay of Germany’s economy, the Mittelstand is the biggest group of privately owned, manufacturing and technology focused companies in the world. We often refer to them but how did they grow to be so successful?

How do they work with the education system to supply the pipeline of skilled people they need? How do they develop products quickly, using universities and other intermediaries? What are their export strategies?

British companies do not need to copy Germany. But we can learn from them, understand their model for training, product development and finance, and perhaps try to adopt the parts that are most suitable to our business system, where appropriate.

A Seminar being held at JCB in January, and supported by the MTA, aims to help British companies do just that.

Date: 22 January 2014

Venue: JCB Visitor Centre, Rocester, ST14 5LS

For further information on this event and to book your place please access the following website: