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20mm Bevels in one Step– A World First

As this new power tool is modular in design it can be equipped with and without forward feed.  This feature is particularly valuable in the processing of straight edges on long sheets as it takes all the effort out of the task.  Once the beveller has been set up it feeds itself continuously along the weld edge at an infinitely adjustable speed 

The automatic feed, at up to 2m/min, uses less energy so weld edge preparation with the new TruTool TKF 2000 is also economical.  And this cost efficiency is complemented by the ability to re-grind the cutting tool numerous times.

The TruTool TKF 2000 Beveller allows the bevel angle to be easily adjusted from 20° - 55° and can be used on sheet thicknesses from 10 – 50mm.  Curved edges with a minimum inner radius of 125mm can be cut with the manual drive version; 500mm for the forward feed version.