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Aerospace Supply Chain Knowledge Transfer Event at Kumi Solutions

“The potential symptoms to this news are many and varied,” explains managing director, Simon Graham. “Some of which may present a risk to the smooth operation of many supply chains. Just a few potential reactions include the kneejerk response of replacing a perfectly good cleaning medium with an inappropriate process; significant lost time due to process verifications for NADCAP approved companies and processes; ignoring the problem until it’s too late and service is disrupted catastrophically; believing that Trichloroethylene has already been banned ; and being duped through misinformation by those who seek to gain financially from the confusion.”

All of these are potential and damaging risks to the aerospace industry’s ability to meet its obligations to fulfill its customer demands. However, good decisions are based on sound facts and Kumi Solutions, along with its cleaning chemistry partner SAFECHEM, will ensure that the supply chain is properly informed regarding the realities of the current legislative situation.

Visitors to the event will gain a clear understanding of REACH in relation to Trichloroethylene and how Annex 14 will impact on the use of this capable solvent. They will also learn how the Pero equipment as used by aerospace companies will enable the supply chain to continue using Trichloroethylene or change to any other aerospace approved cleaning products in the future. The COMPLEASE programme offered by SAFECHEM, which removes the responsibility of ownership from the end user, will also be explained along with DOWPER MC and DOWCLENE 1601 the Rolls-Royce approved alternatives to Trichloroethylene.

Staff will be available from both Kumi Solutions and Pero AG, and technical presentations will be given on Pero technology and its relation to cleaning abilities, efficiencies and the safe use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Kumi Solutions will have demonstration equipment available for use by any visitor, and visitors are encouraged to bring components with them. Cleaning systems available include three of the world’s fastest cleaning machines, the Pero R1. A solvent degreaser with vacuum drying the R1 takes component cleaning and degreasing to new levels. The Pero R1 machines will be operating with NEU-TRI E; DOWPER MC (SAFECHEM’s perchloroethylene), and DOWCLENE 1601 (a modified alcohol). A Pero Rotimat 3U heavy-duty aqueous spray washer using Henkel Saxin P3 will also be available.

Visitors will receive a guest pack, which will include any relevant information given out during the event. Simon Graham says: “Exclusively, following the event all visitors will be kept informed of any changes or additional ‘statements’ issued by the authorities, SAFECHEM or any other recognised institution directly involved in the future use of Trichloroethylene.”

SAFECHEM will make presentations regarding REACH, Annex 14 and the continued future of Trichloroethylene as a viable surface cleaning medium; the approval of DOWCLENE 1601 as a genuine alternative to Trichloroethylene; the COMPLEASE concept and how it can assist and alleviate the issue of ‘authorisation’ for the continued use of Trichloroethylene.

Visitors will hear about the CHEMAWARE solvent training programme.  A unique service enabling anybody that comes into contact with solvents as part of their day-to-day business to gain an understanding, appreciation and awareness of best practice regarding the use of solvent in the modern working environment.

“Technical staff with process and industry knowledge will be available during the event to discuss general or individual concerns, applications or cleaning issues with visitors,” concludes Simon Graham.

Visitors should register at or call 02476 350 360 for this limited and important event!