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Bowers Inclined Towards Accuracy

Building on the success of the popular standard BlueCLINO, Bowers Metrology UK has announced the launch of the Wyler BlueCLINO High Precision ((HP). The advanced new electronic inclinometer has a measuring range of ±1° (corresponding to approx ±18mm/m) and is able to indicate the majority of angular units,  in addition to an easy to read digital readout facility, Wyler’s advanced new HP inclinometers includes a range of coloured display options including bar graphs and spirit levels.

With the accuracy and ruggedness required for taking precise angular readings in harsh, but technically demanding environments, the robust new Wyler Inclinometer benefits from integrated temperature compensation and hand scraped horizontal and vertical prismatic bases - enabling them to be used in either orientation. Resolving to 5 seconds of arc (= 0.025mm/m), the innovative instruments have a large digital display, zero adjustment function and an intuitive operating system.

Ideal for use across a wide range of industries including the Machine Tool, Aerospace and the Civil Engineering sectors, the new easy to operate instrument’s precision ground 3rd measuring base allows the measurement of the parallelism of two machined or constructed elements. An optional wireless data transmission system makes it is possible to collect data with great ease. BlueCLINO wireless applications include the transmission of measured data relating to the position of remote machine tool elements in addition to numerous other situations where a clear display and cable-less data transmission to a PC is required.