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Delapena Honing Equipment at MACH 2012

Delapena Honing Equipment (MACH 2012, stand 5368) has a long history of manufacturing machines and consumable products for the honing sector and under the guidance of its management, with an expanding engineering team, it has seen turnover increase by 50 per cent for its range of UK-manufactured honing products.

Driving this growth is a willingness to invest in the development of new products, some of which will be shown at MACH for the first time, including the brand new one piece E2000S-XL precision small bore honing machine; the upgraded E1000S and E2000S honing machines and the versatile Powerhone vertical honing machine; along with a number of innovative tooling solutions.

New product details:
This extended small bore precision honing machine is the first purpose-built, precision, NC controlled, long-bore, horizontal honing machine. The E2000S-XL can hone bores of up to 1000 mm long by up to 50 mm diameter. These processes are achieved with programmable stock removal rates from 0.0001mm per second.
The E2000S-XL is also one of the first Delapena machines to take advantage of the Siemens control system. By working closely with Siemens this next generation of machines is helping to remove the ‘black art’ from the honing process. The combination of machine and control automates many of the honing skills and by using the pre-programmed routines the operator can produce pre-determined small and extended diameters. Controlled stock removal rates and monitored tool pressures mean the high skill levels once needed are no longer required.

E1000s and E2000S
These two new machines also feature the Siemens control system and are leading the way in delivering a simplified honing process, while at the same time consistently producing bores to the highest accuracy. The E-series machines have attracted the attention of the major automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers due to the fact that they are ideally suited to medium volume production with the minimum of operator input. The controller features stone wear compensation to ensure repeated size control and the same programmable features as the XL ensuring controlled precision cutting and extended tool life.

Basic specifications of the machines are (E2000S in brackets):
Diameter range: 1.14 – 25 mm (1.14 – 120 mm)
Fully adjustable stroke length of: 3 - 300 mm (3 -320 mm)
Stroking motor speed: 1 – 25 m/min
Stroking motor torque: 3 Nm (4Nm)
Spindle speed: 300 – 2500 RPM
Spindle power: 1.5 kW (3 kW)
Stone pressure: fully programmable up to 1000N
Incremental feed: 0.0001 mm/second

These Siemens controlled machines are designed to provide an alternative to traditional flow-line production cells, their rigid construction providing the same repeatable quality and tolerances at a much reduced level of investment on the part of the customer. E-series machines will undoubtedly change the perception of honing as a process that requires highly skilled operatives with years of experience. The advances in control and machine technology provided by Delapena is a major step-change in cost-effective horizontal honing. 

Powerhone machines remain an important part of Delapena’s machine range and have seen numerous developments in recent years to provide an enhanced precision honing solution. As standard the Powerhone machines make full use of their highly efficient 1.5 kW, 20 m/min, hydraulic stroking motor to finish bores measuring between 25.4 to 368mm with a fully adjustable stroking length of up to 1000mm, making it ideal for a wide range of components in small to medium batch sizes. Each Powerhone machine is equipped with an automatic feed system as standard and the machines are supported by an extensive range of vertical honing heads and associated consumables, including multi-stone honing heads, standard abrasives and super abrasives.