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Hexagon Metrology Accelerates Robotic White Light Measurement Programming

Cobham, Great Britain, February 7th, 2012 – CoreView Teach Pro offers users of Cognitens WLS400A systems significant savings in time and effort for programming measurement routines. Thanks to the new module, measurements with the Cognitens WLS400A can be programmed from any computer without direct connection to the robot.

Using offline tools, 3D visualization and algorithms that help the user to define the ideal measurement process, the time for programming can be cut by up to 50%. CoreView Teach Pro optimizes the measurement order and ensures an efficient robot path. It suggests the ideal number of tiles to be measured. Users benefit from a fully automated workflow determination or influence the program manually.
The new offline programming capabilities can also be used to optimize existing measurement routines. CoreView Teach Pro comes is available for all new systems, existing Cognitens WLS400A installations can be upgraded.