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Inconsistent material composition and surface quality can compromise the efficiency of laser cutting.  It’s a particular characteristic of thick, low-carbon steel which can reach considerable temperatures near the point of cut.

This excessive heat can impede the cutting process, especially where filigree shapes are involved.  If the kerf overheats, it can even set off a self-burning reaction where the material left in the cut burns and causes slag to stick to the rear surface of the sheet.

The new CoolLine option from TRUMPF helps prevent this from happening.  It is a cooling device that keeps temperatures constant by spraying a fine water mist around the point of cut.  The evaporation of just 30ml of water per minute provides one kilowatt of cooling; it’s a highly effective measure.

The incorporation of CoolLine brings a wealth of production benefits.  Tighter parts nesting and narrower skeletons result in better material utilisation and minimal wastage; a test run allowed 31% more parts causing 14% less scrap.

CoolLine can be retrofitted to a variety of TRUMPF TruLaser models, a process that is both quick and easy.