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WNT takes the hardline when it comes to boring

WNT takes the hardline when it comes to boring

The new range of Ultramini Hardline boring tools from WNT (UK) is designed to provide a highly cost-effective alternative to CBN for the machining of small diameter bores.

The Ultramini Hardline range of solid carbide boring tools takes advantages of recent developments in carbide substrate and coating technology to deliver a genuine alternative to CBN tools when machining small diameter bores in hardened steel components. The new grade provides the strength while the brand new TiAlN+ coating provides the wear resistance required when machining these materials.

A further advantage over conventional CBN tools is the range of sizes available with Ultramini Hardline, with the smallest tool being just 1.7 mm diameter, making it possible to machine bores as small as 2 mm diameter by 5 mm long, and the largest in the range being 6.3 mm diameter and up to 50 mm in length.

“Developing this new carbide and coating for the machining of small bores in hardened steel has many advantages,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK). “Primarily it is the reduced costs for our customers and availability, when compared to buying specialised CBN tooling. Furthermore, the use of carbide allows us to develop a much wider range of sizes and be able to machine much smaller bores with a standard range of tools.”

Ultramini Hardline tools are fully compatible with the existing Ultramini toolholders and complement the full range of boring, face grooving and threading tools already in the Ultramini series of solid carbide tools. All of which are available with through tool coolant.

As with all products from WNT (UK) Ultramini Hardline will be available for guaranteed next-day, before noon, delivery from the extensive stocks held by WNT at its Kempten logistics centre.