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YMT's Tuscan range offers accuracy and affordability

Following the demands from customers in various advanced industry sectors. YMT Technologies Tooling Division has assembled the Tuscan range of cost effective high precision Tooling and Workholding solutions, as well as effciency improving machine tool and workshop ancillaries. The Yeovil based company has handpicked and tested a comprehensive range of high quality products for its Tuscan brand, all of which come with pre and post sales technical support.

Jason Short, YMT Technologies' Tooling and Equipment Manager, states "Any manufacturing company looking to increase productivity requires high quality precision tooling, workholding and a full range of manufacturing support equipment. To address these needs we have carefully selected our products to ensure high quality tooling at competitive prices. Our comprehensive range includes machine vices and spindle tooling that can help increase machining capabilities. Our innovative product range is constantly improving so customers can rely on YMT for all their tooling requirements."

The entire range of Tuscan precision spindle tooling has been carefully selected by YMT's technical engineering department. All of the toolholders have been chosen from global suppliers for their outstanding quality, accuracy, reliability and performance to withstand the day-to-day demands of a modern machine shop environment. The range is being constantly updated and developed to keep up to date with the latest machining applications.

The comprehensive Tuscan range also includes the E236N Tool Presetter. Designed as a low cost, entry level tool presetter, the E236N can increase the effciency of a machine shop by eliminating the time consuming task of measuring tools on the machine tool. Featuring a ground granite base and column, stainless steel construction and ergonomic design the Tuscan E236N Presetter maximises the operational time of the machine tools' spindle at a reasonable price.

As well as the tool presetter, the Tuscan SF-6000 Induction Heat Shrink System with matching toolholders can provide a number of benefits; the main one being to increase spindle speeds without compromising rigidity. The major effect of this is reduced cycle times, which can also result in reduced machining costs. Another benefit of this process is accurate and repeatable machining as heat shrink systems can increase the symmetry of the tools, in turn minimising the wear on spindle bearings.

"With the tool held accurately and securely. Fixing the workpiece- which could be a billet of raw material, a acasting or forging, or even a part machining component- is the next considertation for many manufacturing businesses." explains Jason Short.

To address these needs the YMT Tuscan range offers fixturing solutions that have been specified to match the demands faced by engineering companies, including Single Station, Double Station and 5-axis Machine Vices. Manufactured to extremely high quality standards, the Tuscan range of Machine Vices are designed to withstand the pressures and forces of CNC Machining. Precision ground with jaw openings from 100mm to 300mm the Tuscan Vices are versatile enough to accommodate large and small workpieces, and ensure repeatable machining down to microns.

Efficiently holding non magnetic material without introducing any deflection into the workpiece can be achieved with vacuum technology. The Tuscan Vacmagic System offers all the benefits of a conventional pumped vacuum based system, but only requires standard machine shop compressed air to activate its full clmaping pressure. Its versatility brings the added benefit of being able to be used as a pallet changer and fixture location device as well as a vacuum workholding system.

YMT Technologies stocks popular Tuscan items at its facility, as Jason Short concludes: " We supply high quality tooling and workholding solutions at competitive prices to various markets, including Formula One, power generation, automotive and aerospace. We are constantly updating and developing our ranges to stay ahead of the latest machining applications. From single toolholders to complete tooling packs, the Tuscan range can fulfil al of your tooling requirements."