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Scarborough Engineering Week:

Scarborough Engineering Week took place this week and saw over 2000 young people attend. The event, aimed at young people aged from 4-19 years, is a showcase of some of the most prominent local and regional business’ who rely on engineering to be successful. It is all about empowering young people to take control of their future in an ever changing world. The show was a great opportunity to inspire, and promote careers available in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. There were lots of examples and ‘have a go’ features to show how exciting technology can be.

The event is principally organised by MTA member Unison and saw representation from Fanuc, 600 UK as well as Unison themselves. Students were inspired by a supersonic car by Bloodhound, as well as robots, virtual reality kits and 3D technology!

For further details about the event, please contact the MTA's Education & Training Co-ordinator, James Fudge via or on 0207 298 6408.