We have been asked by our contacts at BEIS to pass on this survey. We understand that BEIS mobility teams are gathering evidence on how different sectors/companies find the existing UK immigration routes work to meet short term assignment needs.  If those routes are not working, the responses will be used to consider what reforms might be needed to resolve ‘problem cases’.  There seems to be some positive discussion flowing out of the MAC (Migration and Advisory Committee) on the UKs Inwards mobility offer.

Although the notes we have been sent focus on inwards flows of workers, the survey also has a section that gives an opportunity for feedback on outward flows for short-term mobility;  this is an opportunity for you to get your message about problems in working with skilled staff crossing borders in either direction for specific contracts.

The questionnaire is attached and you are asked to return it to our contact at BEIS – please email the completed survey to Terry Boniface (email:  [email protected]) by Monday 25 April;  it would also be helpful for us to have a copy of any submission you send;  if you are willing to do this, please copy us in on your return (email:  [email protected]).

Short-Term Mobility Questionnaire – March 2022.pdf

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