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The MTA offers a wide range of services to our members: Marketing, Grants for Training and Apprenticeships, Representation, Networking and Information. You can find out more about what we and our members have achieved together.

PMI, UK and Euro-zone, August 2018:  The UK manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) fell again, with the reading of 52.8 (a revised 53.8 for July) being the lowest for 2 years.  While this is starting to look like a sustained trend, it should be noted that this is still showing growth in activity - just slower than it has been since the Brexit referendum.  While output was slower than for some time, the main driver of the lower index seems to have been order intake and,

A new edition of the MTA Economic Report has been published and is available for members to download at  This document summarises the trends on topics such as GDP, inflation, exchange rates and trade before moving on to look at data on the manufacturing sector and its sub-sectors - much of this is gathering together of data that we cover week-by-week in the Friday Brief.  There is al

The MTA Business Survey for August is underway with the on-line form available at  We hope that as many MTA members as possible will take part in this survey as it provides a valuable counter-point to official data and other wider surveys - with thanks to those who have replied already, we look forward to hearing from you.

The MTA is sponsoring and exhibiting at the upcoming Design & Technology Association’s event - training the next generation of designers and engineers. This launch has been timed to coincide with The Conservative Party Conference which runs next door at Birmingham ICC complex from 30th September to 3rd October.

European Commission’s Economic Sentiment Indicator, August 2018:  The European Commission (EC) takes a range of business surveys (for the UK, it uses the CBI surveys) to construct a sectoral confidence indicator for both the Euro-zone and the EU28.  The latest figures for the overall Economic Sentiment Index (ESI) show that it edged down in the Euro-Zone but was stable for the EU28 as a whole.  Although this continues a trend that has been running since the start of the year,

As you may be aware, the MTA have recently started an Additive and Digital Technical Committee. The first meeting for this committee concluded that the MTA should look at promoting these technologies to the UK supply chain aiding their uptake and adoption.

UK Manufacturing Output, 2nd Quarter 2018:  As promised last week, we take a deeper dive into the data for manufacturing output that was released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).  Starting with the headline, manufacturing output was -0.9% lower than in the previous quarter, but +1.4% higher than a year earlier (Q2-17).  However, the more volatile monthly trend is interesting because there was a very weak figure in April and the month-on-month growth we

We have just launched the MTA Business Survey for July - you can access the on-line form at;  if you are about to head off on holiday, hopefully you can find a few moments to complete this today or, if you are reading this having returned, please dig out the e-mail from all those unread messages and let us have your input in the next couple of days.  We look forward to hearing from yo

UK Productivity, 1st Quarter 2018:  The ONS recently released a whole raft of data on productivity, with the headline being an improvement of +0.9% in output per hour (the best way to measure productivity) compared to the 1st period of 2017 for the whole economy;  for the manufacturing sector, productivity was +0.7% better than a year earlier.  The ONS notes that this is still slower than the typical pre-recession rate of productivity growth.

The MTA Business Survey for June is currently underway and you can access the on-line form at - this is one of our slightly longer quarterly surveys, but we hope that this will not put you off.  With thanks to those who have replied already, we would like to encourage all MTA members to participate in this important project which gives us a quick overview of the state of the market for manuf