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Please be advised that a New Work Item Proposal has been loaded to the BSI Standards Development Portal for comment. We hope this will assist in increasing awareness of the Standards Development Portfolio.

Any comments received will be submitted to AMT/8 – Additive Manufacturing, for consideration when deciding the UK response to ISO.

Proposal: ISO/ASTM PWI 52945 - Additive manufacturing for Automotive -- Qualification principles - Generic machine evaluation and specification of Key Performance Indicators for PBF-LB/M processes.

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Comment period end date: 19/09/2021


This document defines the methodology for generic AM-machine evaluation in automotive environment using objective test criteria and provides the framework for an objective AMmachine evaluation and comparison. This document finds application in benchmarks, preparation of purchase decisions, but also AM-machine evaluation within the machine procurement, acceptance, and qualification process. The methodology and performance characteristics are introduced to enable evaluation on an objective and quantitative basis. The documentation resulting from the AM-machine evaluation is used to obtain a reliable orientation selection and evaluation of PBF-LB/M AM-machines.

Furthermore, this document specifies machine KPIs in the context of machine procurement, production planning and production of PBF-LB/M components. It aims to reach a detailed understanding between machine supplier and machine customer with respect to the acceptance criteria during the procurement process and evaluation of machine performance during running production.

This document is applicable to the additive manufacturing technology LPBF-M defined in ISO/ASTM 52900.


In the context of Automotive this document provides a methodology to evaluate PBF-LB/M AM machines on an objective basis. Additional to that the document provides guidelines for machine production KPIs used in procurement, production planning and production to improve the understanding between machine manufacturer and user.

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