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MTA Forecast Seminar

The MTA Forecast Seminar this year will be held on Thursday 17 October;  the timing is, as the Chinese say, interesting, as it falls on the day of the EU Summit, so while we may not be able to give a definitive view of the future trends, the event will, of course, include discussion of the various scenarios around Brexit and the implications for our sector.  The three presentations will cover the global economic outlook and an overview of the prospects for key industry sectors, both at home and overseas;  these will be delivered by Adrian Cooper CEO and Chief Economist at Oxford Economics and his colleague Jeremy Leonard, Director of Industry Services.  The third element is the outlook for the market for machine tools and cutting tools from Geoff Noon, MTA Statistician.

You can register for the event, which this year is being held at Yamazaki Mazak in Worcester, via the MTA web-site at - we look forward to seeing you there.