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MTA Apprentice Grants

Apprenticeship and Training Grants

If you have been a full, contract manufacturing or small business member of the MTA for at least one year, and your company has an annual turnover of £10million or less, you should be eligible to apply for one of our grants or loans.

  • Apprenticeship Grants of up to £4,000 to help you take on an apprentice (£3,000 for the company and a £1,000 travel grant for the apprentice) 
  • Apprenticeship Loans (interest-free) of £10,000 to help you take on an apprentice
  • Training Grants of up to £750 to support Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Along with the application forms, there is a document at the bottom of this page containing the application criteria for Training Grants, Apprenticeship Grants and Apprenticeship Loans, as laid out by the Education & Developement Committee. The framework is indicative and for guidance purposes for applicants.  If you are in any doubt about whether or not your company qualifies for a grant, please contact Mike Falconer the MTA's Education & Development Manager by email or call 0207 298 6405.

Please note the grants are allocated based on the criteria of the Trust Funds that the MTA administers.  The Education & Development Committee has full discretion and its decision is final.

You can download application forms below.  Please send completed forms to